Fiscus Brand Management offers web design and development and associated e-based marketing, with the priority being the successful execution of the Client’s marketing strategy.

The client’s Branding, Budget,  Aesthetics, Functionality, Intuitive Navigation, Design Simplicity and Cross-Platform (i.e. Smart-phone, Tablet and PC) Compatibility are all taken into account before a course of action is decided.

The aim is to give you, the client, a site that is matched to your business needs and that can grow with your business:

Simple budget starter sites can be created using static HTML for starter businesses or individuals who require no more than an internet presence.

WordPress sites (such as this site) can be created for clients who wish to update and manage their own site content or have responsive and dynamic content and advanced functionality.

E-commerce sites with payment facilities are available for businesses wishing to sell their products using the internet channel.

Social media pages can be created or links provided to your existing social media pages.

Email campaigns that deliver a classy looking branded e-mail to your client subscriber base are an essential part of the electronic marketing mix – Fiscus will set up the platform and create the templates necessary to execute your ongoing client communication strategy.  The results can be actively monitored and tailored.

E-book publishing including cover design is another service offered to aspiring writers and those who wish to have their books published and sold on Amazon or other e-book stores.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is implemented on all sites created by Fiscus, ensuring that the client’s pages are indexed by Google, but achieving first page ranking using SEO has now become such a specialised and time-intensive service that client’s SEO campaigns are outsourced by Fiscus.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.